Results 2014. Civil 8 and Civil BRICS.
Preparation for the events for Civil 8

Task: defense of rights of the population exposed to HIV/AIDS, including immigrants, raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and difficulties with getting access to prevention, treatment and support for HIV/AIDS patients in the civil agenda of international summits and conferences.

January and February

Civil 8 is actively preparing for the civil summit in accordance with the approved concept.

4 working groups were created to prepare positioning documents (directions: human rights, environmental safety, international development assistance and citizen participation in open state administration) and 4 initiative groups were created to elaborate on particular parts of the positioning document on social risk management (directions: HIV/AIDS, anti-narcotic policy, availability of healthcare aid and migration policy).

A crowdsourcing internet platform Dialogues is now running to discuss the positioning documents.

2 meetings of the Russian working group of the Civil Society were conducted to discuss G8/G20 issues under the chairmanship of the Presidential Advisor, Chairman of the Presidential Board on Human Rights Protection and Civil Society Development Michael Fedotov. The meetings were attended by the Russian G8 Sherpa Alexei Kvasov.

A round table was conducted on February 28 in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation to discuss the HIV/AIDS positioning document. The discussion was also attended via videolink by the representatives of public organizations in other cities in Russia, Estonia, Armenia, Great Britain and Switzerland. A group was created to elaborate on the document with the allowances to the comments and modifications suggested.


The accidental political crisis pressed for the cessation of the arrangements for the official track of the Russian G8 Chairmanship.

Civil 8 conducts two sessions of the Russian working group of the civil society on G8/G20 issues to discuss the situation. A decision was taken to continue with the preparations of the positioning documents and look for the opportunities to present them the leaders of G8 and G20 countries. 4 round tables were conducted in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in March, including round tables on migration policy and social risk management. The website of the Russian Chairmanship publishes news on the round tables. Weekly consultations are being carried out with the office of the Russian Sherpa for G8. Continuation of the activities within the framework of civil track is supported by the Presidential Administration. Support (administrative and political) was promised provided Civil 8 continues with the activities.


A round table was conducted in the Public Chamber of Russia on April 10. The participants discussed availability of medicinal products. Availability of ART was one of the three key issues discussed at the table (along with the availability of narcotic analgesics and orphan drugs).
Activities on preparations to the events under the Russian Chairmanship in G8 were terminated.

Preparations for the events under the Civil BRICS


AIDS Infoshare represented by the Director Ekaterina Peryshkina ad Deputy Director Irina Kostetskaya were appointed for the Secretariat of the Civil Forum BRICS by the letter of the Russian Sherpa in BIRCS Alexei Ryabkov.

The Concept of the Civil Forum BRICS was prepared and agreed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and National Committee on BRICS Research.

The Budget for the events during the Civil Forum BRICS in July 2015 was prepared and agreed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.