Information and Learning Center for Labour Migrants has Opened in Tajikistan

The Russian Technical Assistance Programme to fight HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries

AIDS Infoshare Foundation and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has signed grant agreement supporting the creation of Information and learning centre for labour migrants. The Centre will be set up within the frame of the Russian Technical Assistance Programme to fight HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases in Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries. The Centre will be located in Kurgan-Tyube town in Khotlon province of Tajikistan known as a source of labour migrants going to Russia.

The aim of the Centre is to get prepared those who is planning to migrate to Russia in search of a job. The educating activities planned focus on the following topics: information on HIV, TB prevention and other socially minded diseases, building skills allowing to protect health, legal aspects of migration to Russia, particularly legal aspects of healthcare.

Special attention will be given to learning Russian and basics of computer as these are important factors of adaptation of labour migrants.

“Orientation and education of migrants before they leave the country are important factors adding to their lives in Russia. That is why this joint project will make strong impact to social adaptation and integration of migrants in accepting country”, emphasized Davron Mukhamadiev, Head of Regional Office of the IRCRCF in Russia.

Irina Kostetskaya, Deputy Director of AIDS Infoshare Foundation notes that labour migrants are among priority target groups of the Russian Programme, because they are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

“The whole range of factors makes them vulnerable. Lack of information about these diseases is important, also poor understanding of legal aspects of healthcare provision in Russia. That is why labour migrants cannot use their rights to protect health. The Information and learning centre aims to fulfil these gaps.

These activities continues the work stated in 2014-2015. They will be run by Kurgan-Tyube office of the Red Crescent Society in Tajikistan with coordination and methodological support from the IRCRCF. The plan is to educate more than 250 migrants during 2016.  High-skilled professionals will run learning sessions on health issues according to learning modules designed by the RCS of Tajikistan and the IRCRCF. Methodological materials of AIDS Infoshare will also be used. Russian will be taught according to the Russian programme for teaching foreigners.